Advanced Extreme Filter | Ultra Long Lasting | Fast Flow | Alkaline | Extra Large Capacity
 There are over 300 different chemicals found in tap water, along with chlorine, hormones and pharmaceuticals AND 24,000 found in bottled water, including Toxic Bacteria and Pharmaceuticals...

Take your health to the next level, be fully hydrated with the right KIND of water.
Introducing The NINJA JUG 
Creates Perfectly Clean Water and Infuses with Healthy Minerals
We not only remove the toxins found in tap water - but unlike other jug filters - we uniquely add back in Essential Minerals. 

These have EU approved proven health benefits, including:  Normalising blood pressure, increased in energy, reducing tiredness, 
boosting the nervous system, psychological function and muscle function.
 Extreme filtered, Totally pure, Re-Mineralised, Alkaline water.
 5-Stage Extreme Filter Technology
10X Better Absorbtion*, 3X Longer Filter Life*
Removes bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, VOC's and more!
Remineralises with Essential Minerals
Adds in healthy minerals and boosts pH up to 9.5
Exclusive Fast Flow Rate
2X Faster Filtration for instant pure fresh alkaline water
Extra Large Capacity
Storage Capacity 2.5L in main and 1L in top section.
Cost Effective Ultra Long Lasting Filtration
Lasts 3 months (2 months longer than standard)
Filter included with Jug | Replacement filter just £19.99
Equal to 1,500 bottles (16.9oz/500ml) @ 1.3p/bottle
Cutting cost and waste in the environment
Smart Reminder
Intelligent Electronic Filter Indicator
Fast Flow 
No waiting
BPA FREE - Non Shatter
Tritan Shatter-proof Pitcher Body
Sustainable Tactile Wooden Handle
Fits in 
Fridge Door
Silicon Bottom 
Avocado Ninja is a proud supporter of charity:water. An amazing non-profit organisation bringing clean & safe drinking water to people in need.

100% of donations go directly to fund water projects, providing clean and safe drinking water to an entire community or school. 
Avocado Ninja Donates £5 for each Ninja Jug sold. PLUS £1 for each replacement filter,  
to ensure we continue to transform communities.
Jay Bee, UK
"I am so happy to have this water filter, I have scoured the internet and this is the best alkalising water filter I have found. Money wise it is the cheapest too. Makes the water taste great."
Detox and Supercharge Your Water
The Ninja Jug blends sophisticated filtration technology with exclusive design.
Our multi-layer filtration technique is integrated to reduce chlorine  as well as other contaminants in water. 
Japanese ACF allows 10 times better adsorption than ordinary carbon, inhibiting up to 99% bacterial growth.

To achieve ultimate purity, the Ninja Jug features the latest Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) as the main filter material. ACF combines wet molding technology with silver ion antibacterial technology. 

It is very effective in inhibiting bacterial growth with large adsorptive capacity, fast adsorption speed and stability.

Our premium alkaline balls infuse the water with beneficial alkaline minerals to raise the pH up to 9.  Magnesium, calcium and potassium all have EU APPROVED HEALTH BENEFITS.

With the antibacterial technology, the ACF filter is able to deliver ultimate clean drinking water, prevent the formation of bio films and enhance filtration effectiveness. You will enjoy clean, fresh and great-tasting water straight from the jug.
What Ninja Jug Users are Saying...
I had resolved to "drink more water" in line with getting healthy and losing weight. But, after just 1 day of drinking tap water I'd had enough. Nasty taste! Then I found this jug and whammy! water transformed. Now it it tastes yummy and clean and with the special filter I know it's a better quality of water all round.

Plus, it fits in the fridge door so you can have nice cool water too. Fantastic!
Leaky, USA
I love this because it means I can finally have alkaline water at work. 

I've got an Ultrastream at home but hated the fact that I had to drink crappy water at work, but now this is the solution.

The water is so nice that I actually crave it.  Helps me stay hydrated.  Definitely noticed a difference in my energy and mood.
Eddie, UK
The water pours perfectly from the jug no leaks or surges just neatly pours into glass, cup etc. No more foul, chalky metallic tasting tap water, just clean smooth mineralised alkaline water. 

I even take the water to work and as a result drink more water throughout the day, I definitely feel more hydrated and energised. 
Mervin, Spain
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* Against other filter brands.
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