There is One Simple Thing That Not Only Supercharges Your Body’s Immune System...  But Also Provides You With 2.6kg Of Organic, Live, Pure, Nutrients In One Go…  Backed By Over 2000 Published Studies!

As you get older, your body becomes more polluted and less able to deal with the bombardment of viruses, toxins, chemicals, airborne pollution, processed foods and pharmaceuticals; not to mention the oxidants produced by our body functioning. 

 This all leads to accelerated aging, a break down of the body, lethargy, illness, low mood and a steady decline into old age.
The good news is that our body actually has a in-built system to deal with and prevent all of this,   but for most people over the age of about 20, that system is broken.
But there is a way to STOP this process in its tracks, REVERSE the damage and PREVENT further decline
So, if the system is broken, what can do you?
The body produces a wonder molecule called GLUTATHIONE which...

Mobilises the body’s defences, unleashes an army of antioxidants, repairs brain cells and removes built up toxins in the body.

But, as we have gotten older (and our bodies more polluted) the process of doing this (called NRF-2 pathway) has become broken.

Over 2000 published research articles have proven that you can fix it with a substance called SULFORAPHANE.

This comes from SLOWLY CHEWING RAW BROCCOLI, when it is then released in small amounts.

If you don't feel like chewing raw broccoli for hours on end , then we have the answer. 

 BROCCOLI SPROUT JUICE contains 100 times more sulfuraphane than raw broccoli!
(In fact, it contains a huge 100 micromoles of sulforaphane.)

 This enables your body to release the same glutathione that you had as a teenager! 
Drink half a tube of organic broccoli sprout juice per day, which has been juiced to maximize sulforaphane.
All cells in all organs take up sulforaphane very rapidly, even passing the blood-brain barrier, which is very rare! 
This activates a special protein inside the cells (called NRF-2 pathway) which switches on the body’s production of antioxidants. 
This floods our system with the miracle molecule glutathione (and other antioxidants). As well as regulating and co-ordinating a whole host of protective responses by the body in the cells.
Glutathione will then work it's magic including:
  • Activating Cellular Defences and Supercharge Your Immune System
  • ​Detoxing The Body
  • Slowing Aging & Protecting The Body
  • ​Boosting & Healing The Brain
  • ​Burning Fat
  • ​See below for more...
Research has called the effects of sulforaphane as the “activator of cellular defence”, the “master anti-oxidant switch” and “gatekeeper for health and longevity”.
 There are now over 2000 published research studies on the benefits of sulforaphane.
Broccoli Sprout Juice
BROCCOLI SPROUTS contain 100 TIMES MORE sulforaphane than the mature broccoli plant (peaking at 4 days old).

It’s the action of breaking broccoli down that releases sulforaphane, 
so we JUICE the sprouts to produce the MAXIMUM amount
 (as oppose to chewing which produces a lot less).

Then, treating the broccoli sprout juice with 
ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE releases EVEN MORE sulforaphane!
The pressure allows the enzymes to release more easily.

THE ONLY ORGANIC, pressure treated Broccoli Sprout Juice 
IN THE WORLD can be found here.
Just drink half a tube of our broccoli sprout juice per day.  
A tube is the equivalent of eating 2.6kg/5.3lbs fresh, organic, live, pure broccoli!
They are Organic and grown on a farm in Ireland and shipped to us regularly so we know they are very fresh!
"I've been taking this Broccoli Juice for Approximately 6 weeks and I was feeling positive effects with 2 weeks, I was thinking to myself that my depression wasn't as bad as it normally has been. I have been feeling that I have more energy & feeling less foggy in my mind.
I take a full tube each day and it's great knowing that I've had the equivalent of apx 2.5kilo's of Broccoli and all the goodness
That it brings to my body & mind. I pour a full tube into my mouth and take a big gulp and swallow in one go, that way it
doesn't taste too bad at all."
- Nick Evans
Avocado Ninja's Broccoli Sprout Juice has had such positive effects on my mind and body.
After I drank the first bottle, which was very mild-tasting.
I could feel my body tingling down to my toes. 

I felt more alert, sound and energized.
Great product! 
- Angelyn Arcaro
What Are The Benefits?
Activate Cellular Defences and Supercharge Your Immune System
The body's greatest exposure to the outside world is through the lining of the intestines.  These cover more than 2000 square feet!  It is also very thin - many times thinner than a single sheet of tissue paper. This is so that the body can absorb nutrients.  

A special type of white blood cell (intraepithelial lymphocytes) maintains this lining and act as a defence against pathogens including viruses.  These white blood cells have receptors that activate them and spring them into action, like an army, defending your body from pathogens and viruses.

It turns out that BROCCOLI contains the KEY to activate these receptors!  In short, drinking broccoli sprout juice provides a concentrated form of these keys that will RALLY your IMMUNE SYSTEM FOOT SOLDIERS.

(See Esser C. Biology and function of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and Veldhoen M. Direct interactions between intestinal immune cells and the diet.)
Benefits of a Raw Food Diet
The effects of sulforaphane go some way to explaining the amazing health experienced by raw foodists. You can now get the huge benefit of living a raw food diet, without having to only eat raw food!  Along with 2.6kg/5.3lbs fresh, organic, live, pure broccoli in each tube!

​No Need to Rely on Antioxidants in your Diet

When the Nrf2 pathway is working properly, there is no need for you to rely on antioxidants from what you eat. As you know, it’s difficult to get enough antioxidants from diet alone, plus they can easily be destroyed by heat.

Your Body Knows What To Make

Too many antioxidants can actually interfere with other important functions in the body (such as Nitric Oxide production to keep a healthy carido system). 

The NRF-2 pathway (activated by sulforaphane) generates exactly the right amount of antioxidants you need, at exactly the right time.  

Brain Boosting & Healing
Sulforaphane is really, really good for the brain. 

It is considered a nootropic (brain-boosting substance) because it has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Studies are underway in humans after mouse studies showed that this compound reduced depressive symptoms and anxiety. 

Other studies found that it increases neurite growth - this means that it may help repair damaged neurons after injury or from aging. 

Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies in humans have shown that sulforaphane may have the ability to improve autistic behaviour checklist scores by 34%!

Detoxes The Body
Sulforaphane gets the body to produce glutathione (powerful antioxidant) which binds with toxins (including artificial chemicals in foods, air pollution, drugs etc.) 

These harmful and toxic compounds are then escorted out of the body through the elimination channels. 

It also helps the body produce and recycle antioxidants, which is vital for maintaining cellular health. When it is depleted, this process is inhibited and free radicals can build up in the body.

Rapidly and sustainably detoxifies the body of airborne pollutants
Studies have shown that broccoli sprout juice binds with and removes airborne pollutants in the body.

​Boosts liver and decreases the damaging effect of alcohol by up to 30 times
The number one secret to eliminating hangovers is to eliminate acetaldehyde. This is a toxic by-product of alcohol which is 30 times more toxic than the alcohol itself and a known carcinogen! Broccoli sprout juice will eliminate acetaldehyde in the liver!
Help Slow Aging & Protects The Body
Along with poor digestion, poor blood flow, inflammation and over acidity of the body, the body’s reduced ability to produce anti-oxidants leads to aging. Sulforaphane restores this ability to return the body to its optimal functioning state and reduce/slow down aging.

It also activates heat-shock proteins in the body, especially HSP27. Heat-shock proteins can help slow aging and improve brain function. 

(The same benefits you get from using a sauna.)


Sulforaphane is of medical interest because of the cytoprotective (“cell-protecting”) functions that it encourages. As of now, it is among the most potent naturally-occurring inducers of cytoprotective enzymes known to science. A great deal of research is now aimed at learning the mechanisms by which it protects the body against chronic disease.

The National Academy for the Sciences (U.S.) proved that sulforaphane mobilizes defences that protect against cellular damage from UV light.

See this video and this research for more information.

Helps You Lose Weight
A recent study showed that sulforaphane helped to create more brown fat cells.  This is important because leaner adults tend to have a higher ratio of brown fat to white fat cells. Brown fat is considered to be more like muscle than like white fat. What’s important is that activated brown fat actually burns white fat. This leads to fat loss.
Research has called the effects of sulforaphane as the “activator of cellular defence”, the “master anti-oxidant switch” and “gatekeeper for health and longevity”.
Here is the proof
Proof #1: 
Sulforaphane was discovered in 1992 by Paul Talalay the Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and his co-worker, Professor Jed Fahey. 

The findings made front page news on The New York Times and have been extensively studies ever since!
Proof #2: 
Over 2000 Published Research Studies on Sulforaphane
There are now over 2000 published research studies proving the benefits of sulforaphane, which you can find here.
Proof #3: 
9,500 Published Studies on Nrf2 Pathway
It was the tandem breakthrough in research on the NRF-2 pathway which has enabled the understanding of exactly what sulforaphane is doing. 

 This research is so important it has been the subject of over 9,500 published research studies since it was discovered 20 years ago.

More Information
The above video is an excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick about Sulfurophane.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Take It?
Just drink from the handy tube each day.
What is in it?
Just organic broccoli juice (99.8%), non-dairy lactic acid (0.2%) and a hint of essential oil of peppermint.
How much should we get?
All of the beneficial effects in the peer reviewed research studies used between 10 – 20 micromols of sulforaphane per day. Our broccoli sprout juice provides 100 micromols.
Are there any side effects?
These are few and not serious. If you have poor digestion, this could create some gas (as with all cruciferous vegetables), or temporary diarrhoea. Some experts speculate that this is from positive changes in gut bacteria.
Pregnancy and breast feeding
This is 100% organic, natural product grown on a farm in Ireland. However, is advisable to consult with a doctor before consumption of sulforaphane supplements.
Compatibility with Other Medicines
There are no known contraindications of broccoli sprout juice as it is a natural product. However, it’s advisable to consult with a doctor before consumption of sulforaphane supplements.
Where Is Your Broccoli Sprout Juice From?
These are grown by our friend, Michael, on his farm in Ireland.
What Are The Tubes Made Of?
The tubes are BPA FREE, RECYCLABLE plastic.

We chose this material because a well respected German Research Institute made a study of packaging like this and concluded that these materials were equivalent environmentally to cardboard or glass bottles. They investigated not just the end of life disposal and recycling but also the origin of the materials used, the overall carbon footprint including transportation, etc. They then passed their study to the German Federal Government who agreed with the conclusions of the study. 
Dr Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D in biomedical science/expert on nutritional health, brain & aging. She talks about the amazing physical and mental health benefits of sulforaphane.
Broccoli sprout juice is the absolute NUMBER ONE way of getting Sulforaphane and protecting your body!
Our Broccoli Sprout juice is the only in the WORLD that is grown on an Organic Farm. The juice is extracted with gentle mechanical systems and no chemicals are used. The juices are sealed into tubes immediately after harvest so that all of the natural goodness is retained. This is shipped straight to you!
Each shot contains a huge 100 micromoles sulforaphane.
IMPORTANT: Check with a health professional before using any new supplement or making any changes to your health regime.

The offers on this page are only one per household.
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