AquaRx - Molecular Hydrogen
Backed by over 1000+ Clinical Studies...
to Boost Energy & Mood, Enhance Performance & Stamina, 
Slow Down Aging, Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • More Energy:   Molecular Hydrogen will make the energy cells in your body work more efficiently, stimulate greater production and feed more energy into your cells.
  • Contains Fulvic Minerals: Essential minerals aids absorbtion of hydrogen. 
  • Slow Down Aging:  Molecular Hydrogen will neutralise the bad free radicals in your body and stimulate your body's own powerful anti-oxidants to effectively slow Aging.
  • Improve Performance: Clinically proven to give More Energy, More Power, More Stamina and Cut Recovery time significantly.
  • Reduces Pain Quickly:  Molecular Hydrogen reduces inflammation and pain with no side effects.  Reduces Inflammation and  Pain Quickly,  so you can Live Life to the full.
  • Mental Boost:   Molecular Hydrogen has been proven to increase neurotransmitter levels for arousal, movement, mood, calmness and memory.
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 AquaRx Capsules dissolve in the stomach to release nano bubbles of hydrogen throughout the body.  Maximum H2 Delivery!

No More Pain

By Sarah D, on 12/02/2018
I had such chronic inflammation in my knees that I could not even go upstairs in my house.  After a few days of taking hydrogen my pain had gone and I could start running!  I've now lost weight and never felt better!

Biggest Impact on Wellbeing

By Matthew Lee, on 02/05/2018
Since introducing hydrogen as a routine supplement Ive felt consistently brighter, both mentally and physically; during my morning meditations I've experienced more clarity and alertness; and my energy levels throughout the day are leagues more consistent

This Stuff Is Crazy

 by Kane Waselenchuk, on  18/04/2018 (9 Times Pro World Raquetball Champion)
I started taking hydrogen and the results have been crazy.  My training sessions got better, harder and longer.  My recovery is amazing.   I would recommend to anyone looking to take it to the next level with their training.

Migraines Gone

by Marge A, on 25/05/2018
I have been a migraine sufferer for approx 55 years now.  Now, when I have a migraine I take molecular hydrogen and the migraine is gone within half an hour.  Safe, effective, no drugs, brilliant.  Just want to share as this has been one the most effective NON DRUG TREATMENTS available.
Instant Impact On Blood
Molecular Hydrogen has an instant impact on the quality and movement of blood.  We used live blood analysis to show the difference in the blood, 5 minutes after taking just two tablets.
By flowing more freely, it enables the body to transport oxygen and nutrients much quicker and more efficiently, leading to higher energy levels.  It also supercharges all the other health changes you are making and the effectiveness of other supplements!
Based on over 1000 peer reviewed research projects and studies, molecular hydrogen is the cutting edge in medical science.  
You can read more about these at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute here and Molecular Hydrogen Studies here.  

Even NASA is currently researching hydrogen water to use with astronaughts in their space program.

In our bodies, hydrogen acts as a very powerful and selective antioxidant helping to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA and combat out of control cell growth.   It has been shown to reduce inflammation and joint discomfort, increase stamina and energy. 
It has evidence of being cardio protective, neuro protective, offer intestinal protection, skin rejuvenation and many more.
Here is just a tiny sample of the studies into Molecular Hydrogen:
  •  The Evolution of Molecular Hydrogen: A Novel Therapeutic Treatment That Medicine Desperately Needs.  Read More.
  • Athletic Performance:  It is concluded that molecular hydrogen increased 10 min. lap-swimming aerobic-output by ≥ 13.2% – pointing to potential for substantial performance increases. Read More.
  •  Diabetes: Supplementation of hydrogen-rich water improves lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. Read More 
  •  Skin Diseases: An improvement in acute erythemtous skin diseases followed the administration of H2 enriched fluid without compromising the safety. Read More  
  •  Metabolic Syndrome: Effectiveness of Hydrogen Rich Water on Antioxidant Status of Subjects with Potential Metabolic Syndrome. Read More  
  •  Arthritis: Consumption of water containing a high concentration of molecular hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Read More
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Proof That Molecular Hydrogen works and has ALREADY Changed The Lives of Countless People Around The World!
Do you want to get more out of your life?
Do you have dreams that are slipping by because you just don't have the energy?

Are you finding chronic pain or inflammation is making your life a misery?

Do you want to achieve more in your work, your business or your fitness goals?
Greater Energy Levels Have The Ability To Change Your Life
The impact of living your life with more energy, focus and stamina is immeasurable. It could help to improve relationships, grow a company, travel and enjoy your free time, achieve your dreams and more…  But only if you know how to.  Molecular Hydrogen offers that opportunity.
“The future looks very bright and promising; hydrogen will be at the forefront of medicine and will make surging strides as simple treatments to the top ailments such as neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and a numerous amount of other diseases.”
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

"The use of hydrogen for health maintenance, exercise and physical performance, as well as aging will continue to grow and will ultimately dwarf the current clinical uses of hydrogen in our society."
Dr. Garth L. Nicholson (Nobel Prize Nominee)

Molecular Hydrogen will make the energy cells in your body work more efficiently, stimulate more to be produced and feed more energy into your cells.... all meaning MORE ENERGY...
 Molecular Hydrogen will neutralise the bad free radicals in your body and stimulate your body's own powerful anti-oxidants. So your body renews itself without breaking down, slowing AGING and living full of youthful ENERGY.
“It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventive medicine could be enormous in the future.”
Dr. C.S. Huang, Dept of Surgery & University School of Medicine, Taipei

 Molecular Hydrogen improves your aerobic capacity, delays muscle fatigue, reduces lactic acid build up and inflammation. It will give you MORE ENERGY, MORE POWER, MORE STAMINA and cut RECOVERY times.
Molecular Hydrogen reduces inflammation and pain with no side effects. It is also infinitesimally small, so can penetrate deep into the body. REDUCE PAIN in 5 mins, REDUCE INFLAMMATION and LIVE LIFE AGAIN.
"The 1000+ scientific articles show that molecular hydrogen has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human disease models, and essentially every organ in the human body."
Molecular Hydrogen Institute
The brain communicates using neurotransmitters to regulate our arousal, movement, mood, calmness and memory.
Molecular Hydrogen has been proven to increase neurotransmitter levels thereby naturally boosting these vitally important parts of our brain functioning. 

Molecular Hydrogen is also anti-inflammatory. This ensures the proper functioning of the blood brain barrier. Essential nutrients and neurotransmitters are let into the brain, and toxins, free radicals and heavy metals are kept out.
In addition, Molecular Hydrogen is a selective anti-oxidant, meaning that it will bind with and neutralise any free radicals that have found their way into the brain!

Molecular Hydrogen penetrates blood cells, making it move remarkably FASTER, delivering oxygen and nutrients around the body. Meaning more ENERGY and FASTER HEALING times.

Over 1000 scientific articles have been published in top high-impact factor peer reviewed journals such as Nature and Science. Many of the top Universities around the world are researching this hydrogen’s therapeutic potential; such as, Nagoya University in Japan, Loma Linda University in California, The Forsyth Institute in Boston MA, the University of Pittsburg Medical Center in Pennsylvania, and many other respected institutions. 

Even NASA is researching hydrogen water to protect their astronauts from radiation during space travel.
Molecular Hydrogen has already helped countless people around the world...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams And Claims You See Online Lately, 
Then Read These Amazing Stories From Actual, Real People...
Keegan Smith
"Head Performance Coach, Sydney Roosters"
"Enhanced Performance"
More research is becoming available to demonstrate the performance enhancement aspects of molecular hydrogen.
It’s exciting because it actually works.
It’s not like caffeine, it doesn’t give you any major kind of buzz.
It makes you feel normal after doing things where you shouldn’t feel normal.
I'm training harder, with heavier weights and more consistently than any time in my life. When I was in my early 20's or late teens and I was training, I couldn't handle what I'm doing now!
I’ve been drinking this water for a year now and it’s certainly been the healthiest, happiest, strongest year of my life so far!
"Gave me back my Life"
I am ecstatic over my use of the hydrogen! Within 2 days of using it my pain from a car accident was reduced by 80%.
I can now do mundane things like picking up socks off of the floor, running the vacuum cleaner, doing laundry, cooking, etc without being in excruciating pain.
The joy one can feel about being productive again is quite amazing. I can even turn over in my bed at night without moaning and groaning.
I had about given up hope of ever being normal again after months of physical therapy and chiropractic and neuromuscular treatment but along came my hero in a small bottle. I will be forever grateful that I found this and to your company for producing it. I am shouting this from the rooftop to whomever will listen.
Charline Bapst
"Excruciating Pain from Accident"
"Total Detox & Clear Skin"
"I Feel Great!"
So have been taking this amazing ‘molecular hydrogen’ for about 2 months.
What have I noticed? ENERGY!
Smooth hydrated skin (no need for a moisturizer whaat!?)
HOWEVER the biggest difference I have noticed is whilst being on my twice yearly cleanse/detox. With no starch, sugar, fats, and such you are bound to go through headaches, lethargy, low energy etc…
By giving my body what it needs especially through this time,
I am feeling great!!
I am so grateful to the brilliance of those who have
brought this to the world.
"Anti-Migraine Miracle"
I have been a migraine sufferer for approx 55 years.
During this time I often feel as though my brain lacks required amount of oxygen although all tests show no problems.
My sister put me onto hydrogen.
 1 tablet per day, however when I have a migraine I take
between 6-9 tablets and migraine is gone within half an hour with enough oxygen being delivered into my bloodstream.
Safe, effective, no drugs, brilliant!
I am not connected with this company in any way at all, and can assure you I pay for my products like everyone else. Just want to share as this has been one the most effective NON DRUG TREATMENTS available.
"Migraine Sufferer"
Dr Mike Foster
"Medical Doctor"
"I Recommend To My Patients"
I have only been taking the hydrogen for about 5 to 6 weeks. I have noticed at least 30% on improved energy and stamina.
And less pains in my joints .
I was able to run in brief bursts which I had not done
for at least one year.
I am keen to use on my cancer patients, a lot of late stage.
There is good evidence that it reduces side effects of radiation.
It would be good if there were more trials on various cancers treated by a more holistic/ natural/metabolic approach.
I have also got at least two world class athletes suffering
with burn out. I am sure that it will help them!!
"Super Boost In Energy"
Just for your own feedback I’ve been cranking like a fully stoked steam train since I started using molecular hydrogen.
I am often waking at 3 am for a morning run and working on through to 9 pm which is screens off time.
Then an early night sleeping 10-3 or maybe 12-6 if I’m still a bit wired at bedtime.
If you sent them to put a rocket up my a___ then they’re
definitely doing the trick.
"Hard Worker"